Commercial and Wholesale Operations

Welcome to the Commercial - Wholesale Division of Bourneuf Corp.
Our company's main focus remains the supplying of quality fixtures to local plumbers and heating contractors. We service the professional installer and meet all mechanical contractor needs. Bourneuf stands behind its employees and product lines. The inside sales force has over 125 years of combined experience and our shipping service is excellent. In this era of chain wholesalers and retailers, Bourneuf remains focused on product knowledge and good customer relations. Our customers value both of these qualities which have vanished from the big box operations.

Experience is what it's all about
We pride ourselves using our extensive experience in the industry to serve you with the highest quality product and responsiveness to your needs and schedule. Our team is what it's all about. 160 years of combined experience and knowledge of our sales team in the Plumbing and Heating industry does make a difference. Call any member of our sales team for that professional response that you need to conduct your business plan.